Challenges in Gaming and Leisure

Diverse Skill Sets

Networking, graphics, clustered computing, databases- online games may require a diverse skill set in developers. Realizing the ramification in game rules, a single change may require agile and conceptual expertise to make the required changes effectively and ensure correctness of execution. Tried and tested approaches to the virtual world are a challenge.

Billion Dollar Industry

Customers are increasingly sophisticated and smart in their use of technology to research and select a particular brand. As a result, the development and marketing approach need to be adopted and updated to effectively reach the customer.

Minimal Standardization

No two gaming apps are alike, neither they look similar nor do they function the same. It’s all about the developer’s creativity and imagination. There is minimum standardization at the content and design level. Online game play and content are provided on a per-platform basis. Inability to apply standardization in this industry is a challenge for vendors and business user.

Regulatory Pressure

With the advent of online and social gaming platforms, regulatory bodies are tightening their own local regulatory approach. They are looking to license, regulate and tax online gaming between providers and players within their frontiers, without allowing for cross-border activity. To comply with the latest trends with minimal operational impact is a concern for many service providers.