Challenges in social networking

Interactive And Intuitive Design

An easy and intuitive app helps in stealing the minimal attention time of users to a great effect. With a thoughtful process and a competent manpower, this feat needs to be achieved in order to assure success.

Nurturing Customer Relationship

The market has become more customer-centric while the customers have become smarter in using gadgets like smartphones and tablets. A mind-boggling customer retention strategy needs to be drafted to achieve desired results and nurture relationships.

Data Mining

With each passing day, new data is being produced in form of feeds, images, videos, web pages, articles and more. Mining of this data is required to produce semantic information that can aid businesses to reach new heights by effecting targeting, strategical planning and customized marketing plans.


For major social media channels, privacy is the main concern. Businesses need to overcome the challenge of maintaining integrity and security of the users over social media channels, which can thereby impact business goals and revenues.