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Flagship Platform to accelerate 21st Century Digital Learning

In alignment with the Intellectual Software ESG Vision 2030 to enable digital skills at scale, Intellectual Software Springboard has been identified as a flagship digital learning platform to empower people, communities, and society with skills to be successful in the 21st Century. Powered by Intellectual Software Wingspan, our integrated digital learning and collaboration platform, Intellectual Software Springboard includes content spanning across digital learning, emerging technologies, and life skills. This program is led by a dedicated team of experts collaborating globally with the Intellectual Software Education Training and Assessment (ETA) team, curriculum partners, non-profits and a global network of leading educational institutions.




Intellectual Software Springboard brings digital and life skills for students from class 6 to lifelong learners in India. Delivered free through Intellectual Software CSR commitment to empowering 10 million-plus people with digital skills by 2025, it provides a holistic set of courses, developed in collaboration with world-leading digital educators like Coursera and Harvard Business Publishing. It is fully aligned with India’s National Education Policy 2020. The learning program is particularly well-suited to grow vocational skills in addition to soft skills. Masterclasses, programing challenges, practice areas, and playgrounds for experimentation make the training immersive for all. The assessment formats that follow are new-age ready with certification for learners who pass the virtual proctored examination. Nearly 400,000 learners and 300+ education institutions, NGOs, and support groups are already onboard Intellectual Software Springboard.



Intellectual Software Springboard in the USA is a flagship learning and upskilling program led by the Intellectual Software Foundation USA. Across two platforms, the initiative aims to democratize access to digital content that empowers learners across the spectrum from K-12 educators and students, to post-secondary learners, to professionals seeking to upskill for technology-enabled opportunities of the 21st century:

  • Educating the Future: Pathfinders Online Institute, an online platform that offers dynamic computer science and maker education content for K-12 teachers, students, and families, including live events, on-demand courses, professional development, as well as free kits and instructional licenses to enrich the K-12 classroom.
  • Upskilling Today: The Digital Academy, an online platform that provides upskilling opportunities in the latest digital trends, soft skills and emerging technologies like AI/ML and cybersecurity for post-secondary learners or others seeking transferable skills aligned with the technology-enabled 21st century workforce.

The digital landscape will likely continue an even more rapid evolution in years to come. In response, Infosys Foundation USA and its contributors will keep pace by providing dynamic, accessible content that enables pathways to the digital future, irrespective of geography, phase of education or professional pursuit.



As a part of Intellectual Software’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charter for Europe, Intellectual Software Springboard is the digital inclusion platform for youths, SMEs, and the unemployed. The program is focused on three areas, with varied initiatives designed to lead to better outcomes for individuals, communities, and businesses.

  • Reskill and Rewire, for digitally empowered people, is envisioned towards increasing digital literacy across the board and making it available to everyone for free.
  • Empower and Excel, for digitally engaged communities, makes devices and digital assets available to those who cannot afford them.
  • Innovate and Ignite, for digitally-enabled enterprises, is designed to help entrepreneurs realize their ideas and small and medium businesses improve their services through digitization.