Creating a continously envolving and learning organization

About the book

Digital technology has moved from
sci-fi margin to societal mainstream,
offering leaders hope for exponential
progress, yet also real dystopian concerns.

For many years, large incumbent companies have tried to be more like startups… and failed, despite embracing leading business fads. Technology has disrupted traditional business, creating new champions while discarding digital laggards. How can large complex enterprises behave like startups, while maintaining resilience at scale?

To provide a better model, Jeff Kavanaugh and Rafee Tarafdar wrote The Live Enterprise. Live Enterprise transforms legacy systems into agile, digital ecosystems, and evolves with changing market needs and scales to any size. Live Enterprise takes its name from the metaphor of a living organism and shares practical examples from nature that apply to business as well. To be resilient, companies need to continuously evolve and learn, much like nature.

The Live Enterprise delivers four outcomes:

  1. Quantum Organization
  2. Perceptive Experiences
  1. Responsive Value Chains
  2. Intuitive Decisions

These outcomes are made possible through four ingredients:

  1. Hybrid Talent
  2. Design to Evolve
  1. Digital Runway
  2. Micro is the New Mega

Drawing on their own experience at Infosys, hundreds of clients, and years of research, the authors detail how leaders can prepare and respond to disruptive forces. Long after the current crisis fades, The Live Enterprise will continue to be a critical guide to operate with agility and evolve to win.